Product Description

Basic (necessary) components of lock system include:
· Software —management system
· Computer — used to install lock management software, prepared by hotel
· Card — as key card or setting card
· Lock — installed onto the door

Optional components of lock system include:
· Data register — used to collect the unlocking records from the locks.
· Energy- saving switch — use the key card to turn on lighting
· Elevator controller — control the elevator access of the key card

Applicable card: TEMIC® Contactless RF card or MIFARE ONE® Contactless RF card, 100, 000 times life.
Material: Stainless steel; Stainless steel with golden PVD finished; Brass; Alloy with chrome plated—- moisture proof, fire retardant.
Power supply: 4 standard AAA alkaline batteries.
Low voltage warning: When power’s voltage is less 4.5V, there will be warning when unlock. The lock can still be unlocked about 200 times before the batteries are replaced.
Static consumption: 3uA.
Dynamic consumption: 180mA.
Humidity: 20%-80%
Working temperature: -250C~550C
Open time: The lock will be locked again automatically 7 seconds after unlocking.
Reliability of card insertion: No accident for 10, 000 times of continuous card insertion.

1. Installation request: To be installed on the door, with the thickness between 38mm and 70mm, and if the door surface is decorated,
The distance between the decorative edge and the edge of the door must be over 110mm.
2. Handle orientation: Left hand push to open, right hand push to open; Left hand pull to open, right hand pull to open
3. Multiple options for mortise: ANSI mortise (5 latch mortise) / European mortise (3 latch mortise)
4. Weight: 3.0kgs / set


  • 1. CE certificate
  • 2. FCC certificate
  • 3. RoHS certificate.
  • 4. ISO 9001: 2000-certified management,
  • 5. KingDee ERP system,
  • 6.16-step QC regimen,
  • 7. Advanced production equipment to make sure the good quality
Wireless system and stand-alone door lock:no wiring, adopts card to   perform control function and unlocking function Restrict Guest room function: can make Stop Card to  stop the corresponding keycard from unlocking the lock.&n bsp;
Keycards are limited by lock’s clock .Do not disturb function, The guest can pass the public access  and elevator with his keycard.Avoid waiter’s incautious disturb.
Keycards are grouped into several levels :
Master Card: can unlock all of the locks in thehotel without time’s limited,Building Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding buildingFloor Card: Can unlock the locks belong to corresponding floors.Guest Card: open the rooms within the specifying period of time
Adopt the Access desktop database,Support SQLdatabase multi computers to issue card at the same time .Energy- saving function: Guest Card into the energy- saving switch to turn on the lightingReport the loss of key card
A new Guest Card automatically locks out the keycard of the previous guest. The lock memorizes more than 200 recordsReport the loss of key card
Complete information inquires function.Distinctmanagement responsibility, more securityAlarm for not closing well Offers software interfaces (DLL)connect to other hotel management system.and gain the interface license of micros Fidelio/Opera(certificate No. KYU-5003-091).

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