Web based VC School ERP is built on three key features. Increase productivity, efficiency, proficiency and cost-effective in the entire management, develop faculties with creative mode and meet enrollment and staffing goals and make a new generation student.  Handle all system of school with one.

VC School ERP simplifies school management, helps to reduce manual works and generate complex reports effortlessly. Users are divided with different roles such as teachers, accounts, principal, administrator etc. Parallel campus provide simplicity of usage than complex features.

Each user can view only little functionality on the basis of rights given to them.

Why use VC School ERP

Dear, just answer three question

  • Do you want to make cost-effective and  operational efficiency in management?
  • Do you want to meet enrollment and staffing goals?
  • Do you want to get productive new generation student?

If your answer is yes, go ahead.

How we fulfill your goal

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Develop productive and efficient administration

The institutes that are already using ERP systems have experienced an increase in the productivity, efficiency and proficiency of the administration. After using VC School ERP, it is the only centralized management system, processes work out well at the preferred time, and the staff is free to look after other equally important issues. Also, the same amount of work can now be done by lesser amount of staff. This is great, because it leaves them with more man power for other productive tasks.

Cost- effective

Saving man hours is directly proportional to saving finances. When the basic procedures of campus management like admissions, payroll, fee collection, etc. are carried out online, a huge amount of money is saved. Now, expenditure saved by the organization can be utilized for other important educational purposes. A highly profitable bargain, isn’t it?

Grow educational institution

With VC School ERP software, you can help your institution to grow and transform in an efficient way. VC School ERP can help you gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance. As a result, you can use this insight to adjust business processes and to modernize legacy systems to help lower costs and improve productivity for better measurement and outcomes.

Develop faculties and meet enrollment

Faculties are the indispensable part of any academic institution. Hence, it is necessary to take care of them by making their work effortless. VC School ERP facilitates staff to invest more time and efforts in strategic matters and teaching students than to carry out tedious admin work. With the help of VC School ERP, teacher can submit article for a class or for all on a chapter or can write tutorial which is can be used for future generation also.

Develop new generation student

VC School ERP provides students a correct path to walk on. Students can concentrate on their studies in a better way than ever before. Can be updated with their assignments grades and results. Timely results help students to improve their capabilities and makes them more computable. The right information and when your student can get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day task, they can be more productive. Parents also can access to look result, attendance or any compelain.

Communication costs are reduced

Various communications which are carried out in a school or college get a platform in the form of an ERP which handles it all single-handedly. An educational ERP facilitates communication though emails, SMS, notes, notices etc .

Organization of data

VC School ERP replaces manual work, and in turn independently exterminates the chances of data redundancy, incomplete and improper data. Data is legible, made available at one click, and old files are handled effortlessly. Miscellaneous functions of a school or college which include administrative management, profile management, fee management, timetable maintenance, exam management, library management, attendance, grades, updates, etc are automated by VC School ERP.

Easy interaction between teachers and parents

Parent module is crafted for handling the activities of their child. Parents can interact with faculty, management directly. They can look out their child timetable, daily schedule, Exams report, weekly attendance. Overall this Module will work as a bridge between Schools and their Children. Parents can be in frequent touch of the teachers to keep a check on their teaching abilities.

What says our client
Marc Fest (French)
Thanks for your nice product and amazing support which provides me step by step procedure to use this application efficiently.
Ansir Pakalkury (UAE)
A great software and best service. Now this software is using in my three branch.
Dyoun Halim (UAE)
This erp using in my school, UAE. Excellent features with it. I am happy using it.
Sheeds (UK)
I am able to develop my school with this software. All is now synchronize and automatic. Now I am full tension free and happy.
Jean Galea (USA)
Now all system of my school is so easy. All is under my hand. I am so happy using this software.